Condair RM - a new small and efficient humidifier

Condair is launching the Condair RM, a new low capacity resistive steam humidifier that can provide up to 8kg of steam to a duct. This level of output is ideal for applications like CRAC units in data centres, MRI suites in hospitals and high-end residential humidification. It is also ideal for offering zonal humidity control in branch ducts of buildings, like galleries or multi-occupancy offices, where a specific area of the building requires an independently managed humidity level.

The Condair RM reduces the cost of consumables, when compared to electrode boiler humidifiers, as it incorporates a boiling chamber that can be cleaned to remove lime scale, rather than needing disposable plastic cylinders. It is also, therefore, a more sustainable solution. As the Condair RM has resistive heating elements it can operate on RO water, as well as a regular mains water supply. As RO water is virtually mineral-free, scale build-up is nearly eliminated, further improving the service efficiency of the unit.

As resistive steam humidifiers, such as the Condair RM, use a submerged heating element to create steam, they react faster than an electrode boiler humidifier that relies on the conductivity of the water. This allows resistive steam humidifiers to provide more accurate humidity control, as they respond faster to a control signal. The Condair RM can offer ±5%RH control with mains water or ±2%RH control with RO water.

Electric steam humidifiers manage the mineral content of the boiling chamber by periodically draining high mineral-content water and replacing it with fresh water. The Condair RM has an intelligent water control system that allows drain cycles to be tailored to the supply water quality. Hard water causes increased scale build-up, so drain cycles can be programmed more frequently to minimise service requirements. Alternatively, in soft water areas, the time between drain cycles can be lengthened to minimise water consumption and the energy required to heat the water.

The unit is very compact in size at just 470mm wide, 350mm high by 150mm deep, making it ideal to locate in plant rooms. It can be wall or floor-mounted and is available in capacities ranging from just 2 to 8kg/h, with full modulation across the output.

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New Condair RM resistive steam humidifier

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Condair RM low capacity resistive steam humidifier

This resistive steam humidifier is available in models with outputs of 2-8kg/h. It is the ideal solution for applications that need low capacity steam humidification with the efficient performance of resistive heater technology.

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