Condair operational statement regarding coronavirus

Condair is fully operational and open for business as usual.

As an organisation, we have implemented measures in-line with government recommendations on social distancing and enhanced hand hygiene. These include:

  • Staff located at our central office are now largely working remotely.
  • Staff are provided hand sanitizer and there are santizers located around our office.
  • Staff are being encouraged to wash their hands regularly.
  • Staff have been briefed to self monitor and ensure that they self-isolate should they experience any symptoms of COVID-19.

Our manufacturing operations are currently fully operational and the lead times from Condair manufacturing facilities are unaffected.

The Condair service team is continuing to support our clients

Maintaining an indoor humidity of 40-60%RH is beneficial to health and an important environmental factor in infection control. Please ensure your humidifier remains operational and your indoor humidity is at the optimal level of 40-60%RH.

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